Wealth Management


Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA’s):

MDA is a service provided to a client under a legal agreement (MDA Services Agreement) whereby a portfolio of investments is maintained for the client and the client provides discretion to the MDA service provider to make decisions about that portfolio on behalf of the client in accordance with a specified investment plan. In this way, the client delegates to the MDA service provider the day to day decision making about the client’s investment portfolio in accordance with the parameters of the investment plan.

Pulse Markets is currently offering a number of model portfolios.


Securities trading (equities and derivatives):

Pulse Markets provides securities trading services to retail and wholesale investors. In providing these services, Pulse Markets only provides general financial advice and execution services to clients and does not engage in the provision of personal financial advice.

The securities trading business is focused mainly on the trading of exchange traded options. Pulse Markets also provides securities trading services in relation to listed securities (including listed options).

Pulse Markets’ experienced options trading team has developed a scalable index strategy that differentiates it from other investment managers and offers alternative higher risk/higher reward trading strategies for those wholesale or sophisticated clients looking for higher yield in a low yield environment.